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    Color x for a long time

      Color x for

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    hard!” When you offered to teach me Latin, I knew better “People

    ‘When I happened to say to that naughty thing, the other day,’

    voice, as she expressed in making this reply It was as if I had seen

    David Copperfield

    were come back

    through the open door, when I came down, he was probably

    At first Miss Mills thought it was a quarrel, and that we were

    assigned to her

    out, ‘Oh, Miss Shepherd!’ in a transport of love

    see that all was working well at the cottage, which was let; and to

    If Peggotty were looking for a hole, all of a sudden, in the heel


    be trespassed upon I won’t allow it Go away! Janet, turn him

    hand I was glad to infer, from these slight premises, that Mr


    with me instead And sometimes, as we were running gaily across

    Of Steerforth I said nothing I only told her there had been sad

    Mr Micawber looking up at this juncture to where we were

    We had half-an-hour, I think, for tea When I had money

    Murdstone, was extreme; but I made an endeavour to suppress it,

    to allow that, and insisted on telling her how it happened that I

    general, appeared to be in the same state of conglomeration in the

    David Copperfield

    am glad to think the Loves and Graces took such airy forms in its


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